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How can e-commerce achieve growth during Ramadan 2023?

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August 1, 2023


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This report is based on Meta and Google Analytics about e-commerce marketing efforts in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan 2023.


Ramadan shopping surges are common. It’s a chance to promote products and increase sales. It is seen as a crucial holy month in Saudi Arabia, as well as an opportunity for e-commerce enterprises to recruit new clients and boost growth.


This post will assist you in growing this month. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. What is the significance of Ramadan for e-commerce businesses?
  2. What types of people must you target?
  3. When is the ideal time to market?
  4. What are the finest Ramadan marketing strategies?

What is the significance of Ramadan for e-commerce businesses?


The holy month of Ramadan is opportune for e-commerce businesses. Beyond its religious significance, Ramadan catalyzes a surge in consumerism as people become more inclined to shop.

Food and grocery promotions tend to gain the most traction given the festive spirit. However, other companies have also capitalized on Ramadan by tapping into its cultural ethos. If engineered thoughtfully, marketing campaigns during this season can yield substantial benefits.


Several reasons make Ramadan a propitious time for e-commerce:

  • Saudis spend lavishly during Ramadan, often discovering new brands and products. Surveys indicate 41% of Saudis are open to new shopping experiences during Ramadan.
  • Download rates of shopping and grocery apps spike by 15% and 78% respectively within the first couple of weeks of Ramadan.
  • Online shopping activity ascends higher during Ramadan than even Black Friday in Saudi Arabia.
  • Companies that capture the cultural esprit de corps with compassionate campaigns tend to gain goodwill. Ramadan is a time for generosity
    and good deeds. Brands that reflect these values in their messaging and social impact win hearts.

In summary, Ramadan presents a unique opportunity for e-commerce businesses in Saudi Arabia to boost sales and brand profiles through culturally attuned marketing and promotional efforts. Tapping into the festive and altruistic spirit of Ramadan with offers on food, groceries, and other lifestyle products along with a dose of compassion can deliver rewarding results.


What types of people must you target?


In order to create relevant content and communicate effectively with your customers during Ramadan, you must first identify and target the six buyer personas. These include:

  • The dedicated Watchers, who look for services and products that provide entertaining content;
  • The Devoted Fasters, who focuses on religious and spiritual content and services;
  • The Foodies, who search for recipes, showcase their breakfasts, and look for the best deals;
  • The Groomers, who search for beauty products and services;
  • The Travellers, who focus on planning their summer trips and searching for the best deals on hotels and tickets; and
  • The Gifters and Shoppers, seek the best prices and discounts for Eid gifts.


When is the ideal time to market?

When it comes to planning your marketing campaigns, it is important to consider the four significant periods of Ramadan. These include:

  • The period before Ramadan, when sales increase significantly due to preparations for the holy month, at least ten days earlier;
  • The first week, when conversations spike during the first ten days of the month;
  • The third week, when sales stabilize, with a minor increase starting with the third week
  • The fourth week, when sales peak again, and search queries increase significantly due to preparations for Eid.


What are the finest Ramadan marketing strategies?



During Ramadan, social media becomes a hub for people to connect, reflect, and celebrate, making it a special occasion for businesses to implement their marketing strategies. In this competitive landscape, brands strive to attract attention and potential customers through creative marketing tricks.

Here are some Ramadan marketing best practices that businesses can rely on to strengthen their marketing efforts:

  1. Support small businesses and the community to increase brand awareness as people tend to support local communities more during this month.
  2. Collaborate with content creators and influencers who are a source of credibility and can help promote your products to connect with your audience.
  3. Discover new audiences by using mobile marketing and people’s favorite communication channels to attract their attention.
  4. Shopping during Ramadan sees a significant spike, so it’s crucial to prepare and stock ahead to stay equipped for the second surge.
  5. People are more price-conscious during this period and expect significant discounts. Therefore, it’s important to prepare your offers early and ensure you reach the right audience at the right time with the right prices.
  6. Brands that align with the inherent values of Ramadan, such as giving and solidarity, tend to be more favored by people. Hence, participating in charity events can help strengthen your brand’s image.
  7. People engage more with entertaining content, so it’s advisable to focus on fun content and emphasize your brand as the solution to turn to during unrest.


Studies have shown that the increase in e-commerce activities during Ramadan is likely to persist throughout the year. To sustain conversions, it’s crucial to ensure visibility to consumers before and during the month. Being aware of the significance of this period and preparing in advance is essential.

In addition, it’s important to identify your target audience clearly and determine the most crucial shopping periods. Utilizing the tactics discussed earlier can help in building a successful marketing strategy.

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